Unique, Handmade pieces, Peeky Ponchos are made out of towels carefully selected and bought from our local second hand shops.

What a better way to give them a sustainable and stylish second life!? 


Peeky Ponchos is born from the passion of sewing learnt from a mother and the relaxing and creative process to produce them anywhere.

From the coziness of the living room to the beachfront facing the ocean,

your Peeky Poncho will be born from a unique instant inspiration to be a unique piece that was meant for it’s owner...


The Hipster Ponchos is the line with funky prints. Simple but great!


The Surf Ponchos are the most common design, with 2 pockets in the front or a belly pocket, with nice color combinations.


The Deluxe Ponchos are made with several different towels, rope and double stitched seems. Extra big and extra strong!



We also take special requests, so please sent us an e-mail if you want something else then we have available in our webshop!